General Terms and Conditions for Reservation

Please read carefully these terms and conditions when reserving your accommodation and staying at Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel (Legal entity: Lietsu Services Ltd.).

These terms for reservation apply to both individual reservations done by private persons when reserving a maximum number of 10 rooms, and group reservations of 11 rooms or more. Reservations done through external booking channels primarily fall under the particular terms for reservation of each given external booking channel.


Rooms are available for the customers from 15:00 on the day of arrival and they must be vacated by 12:00 noon on the day of departure. The hotel reserves the right to specify arrival and departure times different to these. The hotel checks the identity of our customers at check-in. For security reasons, only hotel staff and persons who have checked in the hotel are allowed to enter the rooms and other reserved spaces.

All customers are required to fill in and sign the accommodation cards for official use by authorities. This must be done electronically before arriving at the hotel, or at hotel check-in. If a customer has not filled in the accommodation card when arriving at the hotel, they are required to fill in one and return it at the hotel reception as soon as possible during their stay.

The room will be reserved until 18:00 on the day of arrival stated in the reservation, unless other arrangements have been made upon making the reservation or other terms apply to the rate and date selected by the customer. If a customer plans to arrive later, they must notify the hotel of the late arrival, or otherwise the hotel may re-sell the room.

The rooms must be vacated by 12:00 noon on the day of departure. If the customer fails to do so, the hotel has the right to charge the customer €10 for each beginning hour after 12:00 noon until the room has been duly vacated by the customer.


When making their reservation, the customer is required to give their name, address, arrival and departure date, and method of payment. The reservation is binding to the hotel once it has been confirmed orally, in writing or by email. The hotel may place certain conditions for reservation, such as compliance to rules, payment of reservation fee or confirmation of the reservation with a credit card. Customers are responsible for checking the information in the booking confirmation. It is advisable for the customer to take the booking confirmation with them when arriving at the hotel.

Reservation can only be made by persons over 18 years old. A person making a reservation for an under-aged person is responsible for the under-aged person even if not staying at the hotel with them. An under-aged customer staying at the hotel alone must bring a permission letter signed by their legal guardian, stating the name, date of birth and accommodation dates of the under-aged person. In addition, the name and phone number of the legal guardian are required.

In general, it is not possible to make a reservation for a specific room. The hotel has a few pet-friendly rooms as well as special rooms for customers suffering from allergies, and two rooms with wheelchair access, which can all be reserved according to availability.

Unless otherwise agreed, a customer making a group reservation must provide the hotel with the following information 7 days before the date of arrival at the latest: name and contact information of the group leader, estimated time of arrival and departure, special dietary requirements, room allocations, names of persons in the group, their social security or passport numbers, nationalities and email addresses.


The hotel accepts most common credit cards and cash. The hotel, however, is not required to accept foreign currencies, coupons or vouchers, cheques or payment cards. If the reservation has not been paid for beforehand, payment must be made in cash or by payment card upon check-in. The hotel reserves the right to charge and pre-authorize foreign credit cards when a reservation is made. The credit card may be charged with a booking fee determined by the hotel as a means of pre-payment, which will be deducted from the total sum of the final bill.

The hotel issues bills only to companies with a valid agreement with the hotel. Reservations to be billed must be agreed beforehand with the hotel. Billing fee is €8.00, with terms of payment 14 days. We do not issue bills to private persons or reservations made through external booking channels.

Individual reservations

Prepaid reservation: The reservation is paid beforehand when reserving the room.

Payment upon check-in: A credit card must be provided to guarantee the booking. Reservation is paid either in cash or by payment card upon check-in. If the reservation is for more than 7 days, the guest must pay for the first 7 days on arrival and the rest of the payments are made every 7 days.

Group reservations

In order to benefit from a group rate, we require that only one payment is made for the whole group.

Unless otherwise agreed, 50% of the total sum of the group reservation must be paid 30 days before the arrival date and the remaining 50% is charged 14 days prior to arrival.

The hotel will require payment according to the number of persons and rooms stated even if the actual numbers were smaller than this. If the number of persons is greater than stated or additional services have been required, the payment will be charged according to actual number of guests and to services used.


The room rates stated include the applicable value added tax (VAT). The rates include the use of domestic appliances, dishes and utensils in the rooms, toilet paper, bed linen, towels and basic soaps. The kitchens are equipped with basic spices, coffee, tea and starter packs of dishwashing and laundry detergents. The guests must bring with them other food and detergent as required.

The rate includes the final cleaning of the room. The rooms are cleaned during the accommodation period only if the reservation has been made for more than four consecutive days, in which case a basic cleaning is done every four days, or as agreed. Additional cleaning can be agreed with the hotel at the rate of €30 per cleaning. The hotel provides the rooms with new toilet paper daily.

Discount rates only apply to new reservations that have not been cancelled and re-made during the campaign. The discount rates are valid for the duration of the campaign and cannot be transferred to earlier or later dates or combined with other offers or discounts. Discount rates are personal and cannot be transferred to another customer with change of name or accommodation dates after the validity period of the discount has ended. There is limited availability for discounted rooms and extra beds, and the rate may vary according to arrival and departure dates.


Pets are welcome in our hotel. The fee is €15 per night and includes maximum two pets. Customers must always inform the hotel beforehand if bringing a pet, and are personally responsible for the wellbeing of the pet as well as any possible damage or costs caused by the pet. Pets must not cause disturbance to other hotel guests. There is a limited number of pet-friendly rooms available.

Terms and Conditions on pdf form


Customers can make changes to or cancel their reservations according to the terms set by the booking channel or rate reserved. Changes or cancellations on reservations made through external booking channels must be done via the same channel originally used for making the reservation. Different terms of cancellation may apply during special holidays or seasons. Unless otherwise agreed when making the reservation, or unless the rate or dates selected by the guest include different terms, the following conditions apply:

Individual reservations

Cancellation 24h before arrival: The customer has the right to make changes to or cancel the reservation without a fee 24 hours before the start of the reservation (by 15:00) at the latest. Refund of the payment to the customer is made via bank transfer or as a reimbursement on the payment card used for paying. It is not possible to make changes to or cancel reservations later than 24h (by 15:00) before the start date of the reservation. Extra days can be added on the reservation if rooms are available. If the reservation has not been changed or cancelled minimum 24 hours before the start of the reservation and the customer is a no-show, the hotel has the right to charge the customer with the full amount of the reservation. If the customer checks out of the hotel before the departure date agreed, the customer must inform the hotel by 15:00 on the day prior to leaving and the full rate for the remainder of the reservation must be paid.

No cancellation/Nonrefundable: The reservation cannot be cancelled and no changes can be made. There will be no refund of payment.

Group reservations

Unless otherwise agreed, the customer has the right to cancel a group reservation according to the following:

  • 30 days before the arrival date (by 15:00) at the latest: no cancellation fee
  • 14-29 days before: the hotel has the right to charge 50% of the total sum of the reservation
  • 0-13 days before: the hotel has the right to charge 100% of the total sum of the reservation.

Changes to the dates of the reservation done by the customer will be considered as a cancellation of the previous reservation and making a new one.

Hotel’s right for cancellation

In case of force majeure, the hotel must inform the customer of the cancellation as soon as possible. In this case the customer has the right to receive a refund of all payments made. The hotel also has the right to cancel a reservation if the customer has not complied with the terms for payment.


The customer is responsible for giving correct contact information when making the reservation. The hotel is not liable for refund in cases where booking confirmation or other details regarding the reservation has not been possible to send to the customer due to incorrect contact information.

The security code must not be disclosed to persons not staying in the same room. The customers must always make sure that the doors are locked when leaving the room or the hotel.

At the hotel, common courtesy, code of conduct and rules and regulations set by authorities are observed. The customers are responsible for the general cleanliness and for the effects in the rooms during their stay. Customers must not disturb other hotel guests or people living in the hotel’s vicinity with their behaviour. The use of laundry machines and dishwashers is only allowed during the customer’s stay in the room and between 6:00 in the morning and 22:00 in the evening. This is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking on the hotel premises is strictly forbidden and will always cause a fire alarm and ozonisation.

Customers are responsible for damages caused intentionally or unintentionally by the customer themselves, their guest or pet on the room or other hotel spaces (including extra need for cleaning due to untidy habits), on furniture or equipment, or on other hotel guests or their belongings. Customers are liable for compensating for any effects lost or taken out of hotel premises without permission. The alarm, maintenance and cleaning costs incurred by breaking the non-smoking rule must always be paid by the person who broke the rule or eventually by the contact person who made the reservation. Liability for damage is determined by general principles for indemnity. The customer or eventually the contact person of the reservation will accept that the costs incurred by them are charged on the payment card with which the reservation has been made, and invoiced with the invoicing details given to the hotel.

If a customer neglects to observe their responsibilities to a significant extent, the hotel can expel the customer from the premises, in which case the customer has no right for refund of payment or compensations. Alarm and other costs incurred from breaking the code of conduct must always be paid by the person who caused the alarm or eventually the contact person of the reservation. Also costs caused by false notifications leading to alarming the authorities, as well as alarms caused by the customer’s mistakes will be fully charged to the person who has made the alarm.

If a customer or a person under the same reservation named when making the reservation has significantly broken these terms for reservation or the hotel’s code of conduct during a previous stay, the hotel reserves the right not to accept new reservations made by this person or to cancel any new reservation made by this person before their start date. If the hotel cancels a new reservation based on what was stated above, the hotel’s responsibility is limited to refunding any payments done by the customer beforehand.


The hotel is not responsible for the customer’s belongings left in the room or public spaces at the hotel. The hotel is not responsible for any vehicles parked in the hotel parking lot or damage to or loss of any belongings left inside the vehicle.

If the hotel, for reasons beyond its control, is unable to provide the customer with the room that has been reserved and paid for, the seller has the right to offer alternative hotel accommodation in the same city. The contact person in the reservation must be informed of any changes as soon as possible. If providing accommodation is not possible due to a mistake done by the hotel, or if the quality of the accommodation has been demonstrably impaired due to a mistake done by the hotel, the customer is entitled to a compensation or at most to a refund of the full reservation fee. Other possible costs incurred to the customer will not be compensated for.

Any notifications or complaints on the equipment or state of the hotel rooms must be done on the day of arrival or as soon as possible, thus giving the hotel the possibility to rectify any mistakes. The hotel is not responsible for refunding the customer for any complaints filed afterwards.

The hotel reserves the right to change the terms for reservation.


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