Corporate responsibility

We care.

We care for our fellow humans near and far. We care for nature and the climate. We want future generations to know what it feels like when the winter’s first snowflake touches your cheek, and how birdsong jingles in a spruce forest. We share. We laugh, cry and rejoice together. Nobody is left alone. That is what we call responsibility.

This is how we do things at Lietsu Hotel.

Mother nature thanks us as we sort and recycle our waste with a no-nonsense attitude. There is always cleaning to be done in a hotel and we take care in using detergents that do not harm the environment. We shrewdly monitor the consumption of water and energy.

We deter from materials that are harmful for nature. Respecting and using vintage in furniture and dishes is both sustainable and gives a lovely, cosy feel to our hotel. We steer clear from plastics whenever possible.

Our guests are gently encouraged to use water and energy in moderation. We give tips for using public transport, cycling and going on foot. After all, there is so much to see when you step outside and leave the car behind!

When it comes to food, well, we just love our local products. We serve organically grown and vegetarian food as much as possible.

Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel Joensuu vastuullisuus ympäristövastuu kestävä kehitys

Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel Joensuu vastuullisuus ympäristövastuu käsi kädessä

Karelians care for their fellow people and nobody is left alone

Karelian spirit comes from forests full of poems and it is very much alive in Lietsu. You may bump into a local poet or a choir at Lietsu, as we regularly host small performances.

Equality and accessibility – well, isn’t it obvious that everyone is equal and all should have equal access to services? We believe so and strive to make everyone’s stay a comfortable one.

Finally, we are open and transparent. In fact, being talkative, we often share what’s new before anyone even asks!

We are proud to collaborate with Joensuu Climate Block project.